Gobble. Gobble

The festive season is so festive because we do too much, spend too much… and eat too much! We try to fit in as many social events as possible, because we have so many people that we want to see; and we spend so much money because we want people to spoil our family, friends and ourselves!

But we also often land up eating lots of foods that are richer and a little more special than our normal daily diet. One such food is Turkey. Whilst you may enjoy the odd shaved Turkey sandwich, cooking and eating an entire Turkey is mostly reserved for that meal where the extended family is seated around the table and are all digging into the celebratory meal.

If you are considering Turkey this year – here are some facts that few people know about this game hen.

The pros

  • Turkey is a rich source of protein.
  • Skinless turkey is low in fat. White meat is lower in kilojoules and has less fat than the dark meat. A typical turkey consists of 70% white meat and 30% dark meat.
  • Turkey meat is a source of iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.
  • It is also a source of vitamin B6 and niacin, which are both essential for the body’s energy production.

The cons

  • Turkey can be high in sodium.
  • Turkey skin is high in fat.

Turkey tips

  • If you can, buy organic. Turkeys raised organically will have been treated humanely and are less likely to contain pesticides and herbicides.
  • A turkey roast is cooked properly when it is piping hot all the way through.
  • Turkey dries out quickly, so don’t overcook it.
  • If marinating turkey meat, put it in the fridge straight after you’ve finished, as it is highly sensitive to heat.
  • Store turkey separate from any gravy, stuffing or raw food.
  • Refrigerated turkey will keep for about one or two days. If it is already cooked, it will keep for about four days.

Before you indulge in a rich meal this festive season, do yourself a favour and have a glass of water about 10 minutes before you eat. It will help you eat less and reduce your chances of over-indulging on richer foods that may have you wishing your eye hadn’t been bigger than your stomach!

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