Retirement Planning

Saving for retirement is easy, but saving enough to maintain your living standard after you stop working, can be a challenge.

  • Pre-retirement – Retirement Annuity
  • Post-retirement Planning  – Living Annuity and ongoing management thereof
  • Endowment
  • Share Portfolio
  • Unit Trust
  • Tax Free Savings

We concentrate on keeping Estate duties to the minimum and to avoid Capital Gains Tax or Dividend Tax generating. This is all part of our solution.

Investments and Savings

We offer you with a wide range of savings and investment options with reputable companies, so you can watch your money grow to meet your short-, medium and long term goals. We focus on best of breed solutions for clients’ specific needs.

  • Unit Trust
  • Shares
  • Endowment
  • Tax Free Savings

Life Insurance

We never know when an unexpected life event like a death, disability, a severe illness or an unexplained accident will occur. With our personal cover options, we will make the tragic event easier to deal with.

  • Death Cover
  • Disability
  • Accidental cover
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Education

Estate Planning

Your estate will eventually be in the hands of the executor. Ensure you have a plan in place to smooth completion of your estate. This will include trust and drafting of wills.

Medical aid and Health Insurance

A medical aid scheme helps members to pay for their health needs, such as nursing, surgery, dental work and hospital accommodation.
Gap Cover – a solution for the self-payment shortfall between medical aid and the actual expenses. Video

Business Assurance

    • Buy-and-Sell: ensures the continuity of the business, on the death or permanent disability of one or more co-owners. The buy and sell cover provides proceeds to facilitate the purchase of the deceased’s interest in the business.


    • Keyperson: cover is designed to compensate the business for the loss that the employer would suffer in the event of the employee’s death or disability. Proceeds received are used by the employer to absorb disruptions to the business, protect existing credit facilities and provide the funds needed to recruit and train a suitable replacement.


    • Business Contingency cover: essentially allows a business the option to offset future contingent liabilities, while releasing the Life Covered/guarantor’s estate from any personal liability.


Short Term Insurance

Transfer the risk of loss from you to another entity. Personal and Commercial Lines.
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Service Providers

We currently have service agreements with the following providers: Sanlam, Glacier by Sanlam, Sanlam Collective Investments, Sanlam Umbrella Funds, Altrisk, Liberty, Old Mutual, Old Mutual Wealth, Old Mutual Unit Trust, PPS Insurance, PPS Investments, Momentum group, Altrisk, Allan Gray, Coronation, Investec Asset Management, Stanlib, Nedgroup Investment, Discovery Life, Liberty Life, PSG, Brightrock and Sygnia.

Short Term: Santam, Hollard, Auto & General, Mutual & Federal, New National, Renasa, Regent, Abelard, B&B Sure, Iron Horse, Stalker Hutchinson Admiral, Thatch Risk Acceptance, Cross Country (4×4), Firedart, C-smure Underwriting Managers, Associate Marina AMUA, Motor Underwriting Agencies MUA, Safire, Construction &amp, Engineering Underwriting (CEU), Envirosure Underwriting VUM and Zurich, Petsure

Medical and Health: Topmed, Discovery Health, Bestmed, Fedhealth, Liberty Med, Medihelp, Momentum, Profmed, Selfmed, Complimed, Stratum, Cura, Day1 Health, The Thani, Bonitas, Zestlife, Medicall, Medshield, Sanlam Gap