In complying with the FAIS legislation, we would like to bring the following information to your attention:

@Sphere Consult CC is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, licensed to render financial services. A copy of the license, which contains details of the financial services we are authorised to provide, as well as any exemptions, is available for inspection on the website and on request.

We have been providing financial advice and intermediary services since 1 August 1986. We do not hold more than 10% of the shares issued by any product supplier. We are remunerated for our services by being paid commission from product suppliers and by negotiated fees. We do not received more than 30% of our commission and remuneration from one service provider.

We hold professional indemnity insurance with Santam.

Moonstone Compliance (Pty) Ltd is the businesses compliance officer and is represented by: Jaconette de Beer. Moonstone Compliance can be contacted at: Valerida Centre, Piet Retief Street, 1st Floor, Stellenbosch, 7600. Fax: (021) 883 8005; Tel: (021) 883 8000; E-mail address: jaconette@moonstonecompliance.co.za; Website: www.moonstone.co.za

In terms of the FAIS Act we are obliged to set up a complaints resolution process. Please contact our office should you wish to get more detailed information in this regard. Reference to right of client to approach FAIS Ombud – for clients who did not obtain FSP licence before or on 30 September 2004! This support helps us to provide our clients with a more professional service. The compliance service ensures that @Sphere Consult CC remains fully compliant with the FAIS legislative requirements and therefore that you as customer receive sound financial advice. Through the practice management support, we and our staff are able to run a more professional business and therefore are able to provide you with an improved service and enhanced support.

We may from time to time receive non-cash incentives from product suppliers or indirect consideration from other persons. We will provide specific details should anyone request further information. We wish to advise that all information obtained or acquired about clients, shall remain confidential unless you provide written consent, or unless we are required by any law to disclose such information. In the event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service, you should address your complaint in writing to.

A copy of our Complaints Resolution Policy is available on request.